Philosophy of Journalism Statement

I have grown up surrounded by the media industry, with my dad as a professional freelance cameraman of 35+ years, and my sister graduating with a producing and directing degree in film and television. Due to these influences, journalism has always been a potential career for me. I have always been interested in print journalism, preferably magazines, on topics concerning health, nutrition, wellbeing and exercise. I’m curious about how certain foods, acts, exercise and all things health related affect us in both positive and negative ways.

Throughout my study at the University of Wollongong, it has taught me that journalism is becoming more of an online platform than ever before. Any online media outlet can be used to convey information to a large audience. UOW has introduced me to blogging, which I now realise can be used as a strong persuasive tool to reach a considerable amount of people. However, articles posted online are subject to higher levels of criticism, as blogs generally convey a more personal style of writing.

I have many fears about becoming a journalist. As my chosen field is print media, I aspire to (one day) create a health and wellbeing magazine that not only depicts information about current health, nutrition and wellbeing issues that are (actually) true and supported by quality sources, but also information that individuals can use practically and feel like they have gained knowledge from a magazine they know will be truthful. Many articles and reports on health and wellbeing in today’s media fail the test of accuracy, and I want to challenge that. I want to be known for creating a successful magazine with information that will teach, encourage and support individuals in their endeavours to a healthier lifestyle. However, my fear is that magazines will sooner rather than later become extinct, as journalism is becoming more and more an online platform. Despite this global shift to online media reporting, I still believe that traditional forms of journalism (newspapers, magazines, television etc.) will continue to play a role in the lives of Australians.

To work towards this goal, I will continue to research information, write posts and read articles on health, nutrition and wellbeing, to further my knowledge within the area, and also to improve my writing skills. Additionally, I also believe that UOW has provided me with information to further my skills in photography – this will (eventually) assist my magazine in the future!


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